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This specialized piece of equipment is used to scrub drain & leech lines with excessive sludge, grease or soap build up. A cable snake will poke a small hole in the stoppage, whereas the hydro jetter will pressure wash the inner walls of the drain pipe, breaking up and washing out all the build up and restoring flow. The jetter consists of a 350 gallon storage tank, a pump capable of producing 2500 psi at 10 gallons per minute, and a 300 ft high pressure hose with a special end on it that sprays water in a cone shape to clean the walls of the pipe & propel it down the drain. We have been successful in leech field rejuvenation, unclogging main sewer lines from man hole to man hole and restoring flow in sluggish kitchen sink & clothes washer drains. This is an expensive piece of specialized equipment so we have to charge a $110 equipment fee per job on top of our regular labor.

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